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Dr. Lubben began his work as a “school founder” soon after the passage of the
Pennsylvania Charter School Law. In this capacity, he provided the following

1. Identified an appropriate site for an artistic focused school.

2. Assembled a charter school board of directors.
3. Prepared a school budget with list of appropriate personnel.
4. Hired all administrators with the approval of the board.
5. Hired all subsequent staff and teachers, in cooperation with the leadership

    and board.
6. Oversaw the initial enrollment process.
7. Identified attorneys to assist with the charter passage.
8. Obtained and refined the curriculum to be submitted with the charter.
9. Identified preliminary vendors needed to open a school.
10. Identified preliminary technology needs.

This process takes from 2-7 years of work to complete! He currently has
assembled a talented team of educators to assist with this process.
None of the four schools could have been achieved without a key group of people
for each one of these schools. Their assistance, along with dedicated board
members brought each school to a reality.
It took Dr. Lubben from 1997 to 2003 to open his first arts-focused school, The
Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts, now known as
“Charter Arts," in Bethlehem. (You can read about his early “wars” in his book:
The Charter School Wars- available on Amazon from Peter Lang Publishing)
That school currently enrolls over 500 students & has opened a brand new
building in South Bethlehem. He actively served as Superintendent for LVPA from
2003-2010, when he stepped down. The school recently (May 2018) was given
some of the highest state and national awards for excellence!

In 2012 he had the opportunity to utilize an older elementary school in Salisbury to
serve as the Arts Academy Charter School that serves over 300 students in grades
5-8. The creation of this school took slightly over one year to accomplish.
Dr. Lubben then proceeded to the elementary model. Now that the Elementary
Charter Schools have opened their doors in both Easton & Allentown, a child of
the Lehigh Valley will find it possible to go through 13 years of arts-focused
As of today, over 2,000 students attend these fours schools. In addition, they
employ over 200 staff members.