The Future of TLC

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The future of charter schools in Pennsylvania are now rather clouded and gloomy.  The current governor has been adamantly, yet quietly, opposed to any new charters.  Our Easton Charter, approved in late 2016, may well have been one of the last non-management schools opened in PA outside of Pittsburgh or Philadelphia.  As a result, TLC has shifted its focus out of state and into the realm of consulting for ongoing charters here in Pennsylvania.


The truth, however is, that despite opposition, Charter Schools are now a solid part of the fabric that makes up the American Public Education system.  Before charter schools, the wealthy ALWAYS had school choice through private and parochial education.  People without wealth had NO school choices; where they lived determined where they went to school.  It is a proven fact that, today, charter schools are more integrated than public schools.  In addition, charter schools have a higher percentage of their students that qualify for free or reduced lunch.


As noted earlier on this website, we have a highly talented team of consultants to carry these projects forward to completion.  In addition, we continue to add professionals not only in Pennsylvania, but in other states as well, to assist us in our mission to open high quality, arts charter schools.