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My first book, “Charter School Wars”, was published by Peter Lang Publishing in 2017. I wrote about my early experiences in creating my first four “charter arts” schools. All four of those schools are currently experiencing success. They educate (a combined) over 2,000 students and provide full time employment to over 200 people.

But the “mood” for charter schools in Pennsylvania has not improved over the past 20 years. In 2015, the Center for National Reform published an analysis of charter school laws in 43 (at that time) states. They gave Pennsylvania a “C” grade due, primarily, to the fact that local school boards must grant approval. In many states approval is granted by the State or by approved agencies, not local school boards.

This is particularly true in Delaware and Minnesota. TLC is expanding to these states due to the relative ease of gaining approval for a PROVEN MODEL, which we are!

We are currently “full steam ahead” for a high school in Bucks County and one in York City. In addition our 9-12 high school is headed toward the Charter Appeal Board, where we are fairly certain we will be approved.

We are a proven model for school choice. We meet the needs of both parents and students in all of our schools. In addition, we provide these proven models at approximately 80% of the cost it takes to educate the same student in their respective school districts.

In addition, we have a wide range of appeal. The high school in Bethlehem draws from over 20 counties in Pennsylvania and over 45 school districts. The middle school in Salisbury draws from close to 20 school districts. Even our two elementary schools draw from over 12 area school districts. Imagine putting your elementary student on a bus in the Poconos every day in order to attend our school in Easton? Over 40 students do this every day!

I know have a talented team of close to a dozen skilled professionals. They have a combined experience of over 100 years in the charter school world. With those team members on my side, the “sky is the limit” for TLC Arts.

Follow us on our exciting journey.

Tom Lubben

Founder and CEO

TLC Art Schools - LLC


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