TLC Arts has decided to broaden its scope of services now that four schools are operating successfully.  The remainder of this page clearly outlines the services we provide.  TLC Arts focuses on the following areas:


  • Creating an Arts School (from inception)      

  • Evaluating Existing Charter Schools 

  • Provide On-Going Consultant Services        

  • Provide Meaningful In-Service Presentation

  • General Lectures and Presentations

TLC – General Charter School Resources


About Charter Schools…


The first charter school law was created in Minnesota in 1991. As of today, almost 30 years later, there are over 3.1 Million Students attending charter schools in 43 states and the District of Columbia. Over 7,000 charter schools service the needs of these students at no cost to parents.


Charter Schools are currently under heightened scrutiny throughout the nation for a wide variety of reasons. Existing schools need to work hard to insure that their programs are sound and can resist efforts to impede their progress.


About Us…


TLC founder, Dr. Thomas S. Lubben, became active in the charter school movement during the efforts to create a law in Pennsylvania in 1996. He subsequently went on to open four separate and successful schools for the arts within the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania.


TLC LLC was formed in 2013 as other experienced educators joined in the efforts to create schools throughout Pennsylvania and the USA. The current leadership team offers well over 50 years of experience in the charter school movement. In addition to the main team, TLC has many consultants available for all areas of charter school needs.



About Our Costs:


Costs will be established in accordance with the service provided. You will find that these are highly affordable in comparison with general consultant daily costs. These costs will be based on the expected days required for the service.



Our Available Services


We can offer a wide range of very affordable services, tailored to meet your specific needs. We have extensive experience in ALL of these areas. In addition to the following services, TLC can provide speakers for in-service programs of all types. This can range from motivational words from our founder to a presentation on Leadership Techniques. Please review our total list of available services:



1. Board Operations: Ultimately the Charter School board is the “overseer” of both the program and the Executive Director. This is a delicate balance that must be carefully monitored.


     a. Provide Required Board Training to meet state standards.

     b. Attend meetings as required to assess board procedural needs.

     c. Assist in Board Reorganization and/ or recruitment of new members.

     d. Interface with area public school superintendents as requested.

     e. TLC is available to accompany Board and Administration to state or local meetings as may be necessary.

     f. Prepare a comprehensive school audit, for the Board, at the conclusion of the designated year. This will be a private      document for the board and administration. It will include ALL of the elements laid out in this 12-step approach.

     g. Design and implement a Strategic Planning workshop for Board and designated staff. This is an important exercise for any organization!

     h. Coordinate any Middle States Accreditation efforts on behalf of the school upon request.



2. School Leadership: The primary leadership team members are critical to the overall success of the school.


     a. Assist the Board in developing and implementing required evaluation of the leadership team.

     b. Assist the Board in the process of recruiting, screening, and evaluating new candidates for these positions.

     c. TLC can provide affordable short-term leadership as needed during emergencies or search periods.

     d. TLC can provide periodic (quarterly) off-site meetings with the administrative team to review each on of the elements included in these offerings.



3. General Personnel: Staff selecting, screening, training and evaluation are another critical part of school success.


     a. Review ongoing and initial evaluation procedures for the school.

     b. Assist in the process for selecting initial staff members upon creation of the school.



4. Enrollment: School Enrollment drives all budgetary decisions and must be carefully attended to.


     a. Review the Enrollment Process currently in place and recommend accordingly.



5. School Climate: It is difficult to assess school morale in an objective manner, yet it is critical to ongoing success.


     a. Conduct an independent and private survey to analyze school morale to be shared with the administration and the board.


6. Facility Management: Your school building is your “home”. Maintenance, care, and needed improvements all need to be attended to.


     a. Assist the administration is identifying additional vendors as needed.

     b. Assist in issues with regard to “landlords” or the need to secure new facilities.


7. Curriculum: A meaningful curriculum, true to the school mission, must be maintained and improved as needed.


     a. Perform curriculum audits as needed or requested.

     b. Assist with master scheduling.


8. Finances: School budget and finances are the most common reason for failure of charter schools.


     a. Assist the board in identifying outside agencies for finances or audits as needed.

     b. Provide the board with analyses of cost saving options.



9. Legal Issues: This is the practical necessity of doing business.


     a. Assist in identifying quality charter school attorneys.

     b. Review school and board procedures to provide for appropriate engagement of said attorneys.


10. Charter School Law Compliance: This is an ongoing review that must be attended to.


     a. Provide compliance reviews with changing state guidelines. Advice the board and administrator where gaps or violations appear to exist.


11. Community Involvement: Parental Choice has driven your enrollment. You must have a program in place to continually reach out to the community.


     a. Review your publicity plan.

     b. Provide a list of community organizations for you to access.


12. Fund Raising/ Development: Generally charter schools must operate on less fixed revenues than traditional public schools. There must be a focus on sound fund-raising and ongoing development activities.


     a. Provide assistance in creating ongoing development activities.

     b. Guide the board and administration toward the hiring of a part-time or full time development officer.

     c. Initiate a “Development” Plan that will enable your school to develop fund-raising options.

     d. TLC can provide quality leadership for all formal development activities, until such time as the board can afford to hire a Development person.


In Addition, TLC can lead a new organization through the start-up of a new school.




School Start Up Services:


1. TLC will research, identify and secure a facility, with the approval of the Founding Board, which will serve as the home of the new school.


2. TLC will provide full consultant services in the securement and state approval of the charter, establishment of the Charter Board, preparation of the model for full implementation in the new school year, and ongoing consultation throughout the period of the contract.


3. TLC will develop advertising and promotional materials, at future board expense, to secure initial student enrollment and appropriate staffing.


4. TLC will lead the Board through the elaborate charter approval process, including, but not limited to, hiring of staff, curriculum development, and others as outlined in this document .


5. TLC will provide avenues for financing in the area of “line of credit” and fixture/ furniture loans.


6. TLC will identify and propose initial vendors to enable a smooth start-up of the school. Retention of these vendors in later years will be subject to board actions and appropriate bidding. The board shall contract these services during initial founding board activities.


     a. Technology

     b. Security

     c. Furnishings/ Equipment

     d. Financial Audit Services

     e. Web Hosting and Facebook Presence

     f. Marketing and Development Services

     g. Insurances

     h. Health Benefits

     i. Legal Services

     j. Copy Machines




Thomas S. Lubben, EdD.

Founder and President


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